Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Jon Beinart put together a magnificent show! It was brilliant! And the level of artistic ability was incredible. The wild imaginative subject matter was harnessed and guided by masterful technical skills. So many great artists in one place, at one time. I was so impressed!
The people that are attracted to, and support his type of visionary, personal art are a prize in themselves. They are open, affectionate, non-competitive, non-judgmental and wildly enthusiastic! I just love these kids – kids is not accurate of course, they are mostly in their late twenties to early forties. A new, intriguing wave in the ocean of the race consciousness, these people are not owned by the status quo that’s for sure.
Along with so many notables, my son, the Great Chet was there. He and I collaborated in a tri-imaged painting. I painted the side panels, Chet working the center piece with one of his magnificent otherworldly entity portraits. He also designed an oval and border effect that tied the whole thing together…genius!...that kid was always cleaver beyond his years – even as a little guy. I’m hoping we’ll do more of this in the future…the two diverse styles and subject matter seem to form a greater reality in dark and light contrasts.
One of the highlights of the night was seeing some of my students there from our Saturday class in San Pedro…Tony, Lee, Allen, Carlos – these guys are body illustrators by profession and extremely talented artists themselves…and of course, Lindsey an art aficionado who helps run the class was also in attendance.
All in all the energy generated by these shows and this art could transform the landscape of our culture because it’s such a wildly creative adventure!
Jon Beinart presented a show of diversity and richness of personal reality. Great stuff!