Friday, May 16, 2008


The point of impact with one’s total liberation is here and now, not there and when. And herein lies the great dilemma! We are conditioned from birth to be guided by our pasting/ futuring thinking. But how can a self be happy or living when it lives in the constant informational storm of the riptides of opposing desires? Or promises in the future for self denial in the present! The self that sets its liberation up in terms of outside circumstances weather acquisitions, moods, flattery, or criticisms, is set against the ultimate truth of here and now – which is the great fact of life! The self in isolation and the thing in isolation cannot release its position to flow with the totality of life which is here and now, not there and when. Only by watching this dilemma with great attention and not trying to move out of this condition can something happen which changes everything! As one just watches all the aspects, feeling, and images of the great dilemma one becomes pure observation and this movement of clarity brings a profound healing peace that reinstates the self here and now with a sense of freedom that surpasses all reason or logic. Here one can enter into creation which is pure action which is also pure rest. Every time one breaks the Karmic chain of the split-mind’s suffering the whole world changes and will never be as dark as it was before. We are all in this great dilemma together and that is the light that brings a compassion for all living things….that was not there before. Whatever moves in one man or woman’s mind moves in the Vast mind which is everywhere simultaneously. This is the great truth of Pure Identity…..this is love!