Thursday, February 28, 2008

Febuary 28 2oo8

When the brain’s activity is quieted by a meditative state of just awareness, that awareness of attention (with no motive) produces a pilot flame that if intense enough, will explode into a state where nothing touches, nothing overlaps, nothing causes anything. Here time and space evaporate into an immense knowing that there is nothing but love! This is pure identity. This is freedom of being.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Eternal Self (2/21/08)


I, so old

To be so young,

To see the what

That sages saw,

And into this stream

With my spinnaker breast

Leading my see,

I was entered upon in an

Ebb and flow,

Emerald and gold,

By a silent song.

Good God a mouth is formed!

That sung of me

In numerous chants,

Squashing my ant,

Splitting my fear,

Emitting one ear

That heard my dawn,

Through vast naked pours

Of rich fallowed nights,

That grew up my race,

To trample out lies.

Thus one eye was born.

To see myself,

To myself,

In one glimpse,

Eternally now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


February 22

The dynamic of this painting is a simple one; the female persona of the meditator above is pulling the half-buried self out of our confining beliefs into an ever rising, or expanding, sense of freedom. The innermost desire of us all is to be free! To be in love with all life and to be able to explore limitless possibilities of value fulfillment based upon pure love. Our consciousness carries an aching burden by being only self conscious and separate from its vast source. But this source is always urging us toward that awareness that is free of the brain’s time and space confinements. Something loves us all beyond our comprehensions. IT doesn’t, nor will it ever, judge us. The very nature of our life, all life, is love, power and beauty flashing forth complete and whole. We are all travelers. We are all seeking our true home!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Waves of essence.

February 8 2008

Upstairs in the Vast Room where the tide blows in clean from “ALL THERE IS’ sitting upon a throne of absolute value, one watches the spectacle of all forms dancing and singing in the phenomenal world. Now and then out of the waves of essence strange partners appear.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Febuary 6 2008.

February 6 2008

The complete destruction of every nook and cranny of our reactive, struggling and conditioned mind is the total presence of our original mind. The essence of this vast mind is the awareness of simultaneous creation, not memorized pleasure-pain experiences trying to reform themselves in a limited time-space continuum that argues its case from fictional center. This fictional center cannot save itself or compete with the world, how could it when it is not real. The vast realty of our Pure Identity has no center, is not born is not subject to cause and effect and cannot die. Nothing outside our Real Self can harm us, therefore our Reality is Love.