Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year

In the impeccable stillness of the vast winter’s mind only emptiness can survive! But out of this flawless womb of emptiness a new child of creation will flash forth – unique and triumphant in its pure movement of love and eternal spring.

“No amount of thinking can help you. Your thoughts must stand before you as free children of God!” - Goethe

Sunday, April 20, 2008


To those of you who are students of higher consciousness and the meditative mind, I want to recommend that go to the blog - my friend Jacob’s writings are some of the most insightful and beautiful essays and poems I have ever read. In a world groping for truth and freedom, his work is a beacon of love and light.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Relative Mind


We live 99% of the time in our relative minds. This is the mechanical measuring, analyzing, judging mind that reacts to memories. This relative mind is created by experiences, pleasure and pain experiences. This mind is the product of space and time assumptions, backed by emotional charges. The accumulation of experiences fortifies an illusional center called “me, not you”. This mind is not really creative, it modifies and rearranges the “me not you”, in positions of puffed up victories or agonizing defeats. This relative mind deducts conclusions and projects them into an image oriented future to re-experience these conclusions which are still mechanical reactions. This is the karma mind that Buddhism points to. To see all the implications of this false mind, if only for an instant, is to be free of its attachments. To be constantly here and now, without choice or gaining ideas is the complete destruction of this karma ridden mind. The ego fears the end of its illus ional life more than anything; in fact, fear is the engine that drives the relative mind to continue its reactive passion plays. To move with the totality of life is the function of our real mind, or spirit. Here everything is new, innovative, abundant, blessed and joyful. This is the flow of creation. Sooner or later our mind must awaken to its Pure Identity. This is the inherent promise of Love that everyone is entitled to. .