Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spiritual Tree Huggers

TREES 3\26\ 08

Trees are the cathedrals of the earth. Trees are the outer explosion of life inner glory and joy. Trees give the oxygen we all breathe, they give the shade and shelter and intimacy we crave. Trees cool the surface of the earth, they house the birds that greet each dawn with triumph. Trees are the thoughts and ideas of an inner sound that constructs all physical realty. In the realm of Self Knowing, trees are the extension of the intelligence, power and beauty of our Pure Identity, our greater body. To indiscriminately cut trees down is the ignorance of a human mind bent upon the unconscious destruction of his or her own life.

Friday, March 7, 2008


The Vast Mind is so fast that the form of its awareness is beyond time and space. The speed of love is simultaneous; this is beyond the faculty of measurement. The speed of love is one complete flashing into the phenomenal world; here we have the blossom of Pure Identity and freedom of being. If self knowing is the dynamic truth of a man or woman’s life, then this society’s agenda has not served its race well. Most people have no idea what their Vast Mind, or Pure Identity is, they seek everything with their measurement minds. This mind has its valuable use in technological areas, but in the area of self knowing it is useless. We talk constantly about love, but in truth we can never really love anything until one loses his or her measurement mind and becomes one complete flashing into the phenomenal world and then another and then another. When there is no one but you, you love everything as your self eternally now.