Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31 2008

Total forgiveness exists before any error, it is indestructible and inviolate. Forgiveness is explosive it clears the channels for complete self forgiveness, and union with one’s Pure Identity. Total forgiveness does not forgive while holding onto the belief that one is right and the other is wrong, but realizes in a flash that everything is actually based in absolute indestructible value or grace. Actually we live and learn by one mistake after another, but only in the grace of explosive forgiveness do we expand in joy or become what we term better people, and are a richer expression of life and its unlimited potential.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29, 2008

The brain is the seat of memory; it must operate out of a psychological center of experience. The body records the sensations and sentiments of the brain’s belief and desire systems. In the world of the brain’s thinking process everything appears in time and space, this and that, pleasure and pain, good and evil, win and lose, arrogance and fear. Imagination, intuition, and reason are part of the brains activity. In so far as we live in this world, the brain or the thinking process is necessary for the technological means to our security, food, and shelter, etc. It is wise to train the brain’s positive thinking process for what we think about we bring about. But knowledge is not knowing. The vast mind is beyond time and space or me and you experiences, in this vast mind everything is happening at once, and only in the vast mind is there direct knowing of the whole. Direct knowing allows us to operate with the total absence of fear in time and space. The vast mind is total reality and therefore is love.

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18 2008

It has been extremely cold at night, but this morning the sky’s mind is clear, empty and colored in tender blue. The suns inner explosiveness is aggressively cutting sever patterns of shimmering light out of the world of dark shadows. The excitation of newness is everywhere. Man, for the most part slumbers in the shadows of problems, his inner moral issues and isolated vanity of winning and loosing, fears and resentments. Even the saint is bored to lethargy with his or her resistances against life’s hearty lustfulness. The Sprit of ALL THERE IS is forever young and is dancing and singing in and out of myriads of worlds seen or unseen. Saint or sinner you cannot flatter or condemn anything in the light of ALL THERE IS. You can only be still and surrender to the sacred absolute value that you and I and everything is and always will be.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5 2oo8.

January 5 2008.

After sever rains and wind the morning is calm and the sky is a soft pearl grey. Out of my studio window I can see the harbor and the breakwater where large ships lay anchored and patient. White gulls flicker in and out of view between the dark green wall of trees far off, that fence the town from the vast open sea. Meditation is the last flickering of thoughts in and out of the mind with its sensations and sentiments, pulsing and gathering similar feelings in their gravitational pull. The vast sea is like the quiet mind of meditation, limitless, mysterious and seemingly eternal. Pure Identity flashes across the enormority of the Vast Mind. Enormity of no-thing ness is the essence of meditation.