Saturday, June 6, 2009

When World's Collide

It was a brilliant art show put on at L’Imagerie by Debi, Hadas, Karen, and Ben. The significance of Chet and I united at this point in time to share our talent was a family high point.
A festive crowd attended and the atmosphere was jovial.
If I may be so bold I consider the art work to be stunning. Chet’s beloved monsters, with their cunning psychological insights therein and my own brand of mystical visionary art had, as one observer commented, “Real wall power”.
It seemed unanimous to the people who attended that the two diverse styles and subject matter mysteriously complimented each other.
I had so much fun, I would like this Father/Son show thing to catch hold and continue in some fashion on into the future. Chet and I would like to collaborate on some pieces the next time to see what would happen when “World’s Collide” and unify into a new hybrid species.
Thanks again to Debi and her gallery and to all those who attended.
The show runs through June 20th at L’Imagerie Gallery in North Hollywood – (818) 762-8488

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Anonymous said...

You and your son have a cool thing going. Love your work Mr.Z thanks for sharing