Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Way-seeking Mind

Our frantic human life is a continuation of one error after another (the time and space parade). The comedy and tragedy of our lives always seeks a position of advantage from a tight corral of self importance and self protection. The life of total understanding is a total revolution, and is absolutely triumphant now, beyond time and space. The engine of total understanding is the reality of emptiness exploding beyond all sorrow and fear. The self knowing mind that comes out of emptiness is sacred unto Itself. Here no movement is possible except peace and joy. Here, do what you will; everything is perfect.


JS said...

Hey James-

Powerful and beautifully written. Yes, it seems the conditioned, reactive mind never truly lives in the present moment--it seems to always be stuck in the past or projecting the imaginary future. But the Aware Mind is always very alert, living and breathing in the intensity of the present moment. Feeling this intensity, paradoxically, I also feel a deep sense of relaxation and ease. Here there is no fear, no desire, no feeling of lack, nothing to seek for and nothing to achieve. It is absolutely liberating.

much love & laughter

JS said...
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