Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This painting completes the cycle of a vision, and the intention to bring that vision into physical reality with its own life force and purpose. The purity of this painting really pleases me; I can hear the thunder of the huge breaking wave. I am exhilarated by the aqua blue sea, glassed off in front of it. The balance, aim and focus of the meditator has elevation and mystery. The pot of gold signifies the absolute value of the meditator’s desire. All is as it should be.

I agree with the statement made by U.S. Anderson where he writes: As individuals in this great God seeking drama we know as life, we have but two main choices: Love or suffer!

Every moment of every day we are engaged in the spiritual force of creating. We hope, plan, consider, desire, act, speak, fear, use our will, love, hate are joyful, embittered – always we are creating. There is only one force in the entire universe; it creates all things according to what we conceive, accept, and allow.

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